iManage Bridge


Open A Case in Real-time
In September 2018, Matteroom iManage Bridge became the first product in the global market to implement 3E and iManage real-time open (workspace) and update case attributes and user (group) permissions. iManage Workspace Producer also helped the second red circle in China complete the perfect connection between 3E and iManage within one week. Matteroom Workspace Producer changed name as iManage Bridge. It imports legacy data (Files + Meta Data) into iManage v10 System leveraging its latest RESTful API, creating Workspaces; importing Documents along with the meta data & user permissions intelligently.

Key Features



Generate case work area in real time


Multi- & Self-

Multiple case templates are self-configuring


Automatically Inherit

Automatically inherit the various case attributes when 3E is filed


Automatically Update

Automatically update user/user group permission changes in real time


Matching Template

Generate a corresponding case template based on the type of case

Matteroom has independently developed iManage Bridge and actively helped iManage Work users to upgrade to a new, smooth, secure and stable solution to automatically open case work areas.