About Matteroom

Matteroom is designed for lawyers and legal partners to empower the management of legal practice to bring the maximum work efficiency among the law firms. All the information in Matteroom is stored around a matter, includes Conflict Check, Matter Management, Project Management, Billing Management includes Clocking/Timesheet & Expense, KPI and more.


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Matteroom Compare

Matteroom Compare is a tool that makes your life easier. Come check the redefined documents comparison tool.
matteroom, conflict search

Conflict Search

Matteroom Conflict search system, based on the enterprise big data engine. Conflict search system can be selected to cover 100% of the inside data, real-time reminders and automatically through the approval.
matteroom practice management

Practice Management

Document & Email Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Clocking & Calendar Management, and even Chatting history can be presented with one key stroke.
matteroom, billing


All-rounded practice management software provides global financial management, case and event management, time and expense capture, full-featured billing, electronic billing.
matteroom, knowledge management

Knowledge Management

An easy-to-use web portal that integrates with iManage Work to let users apply to upload / download documents into / from Knowledge Management library.
matteroom, butler


The Butler module for iManage Work developed by STG specifically designed to solve the no AD problems for law firms to control users cannot modify AD password.
matteroom, supervision engine

Supervision Engine

Matteroom Supervision Engine is an internal supervision tool developed by STG based on the feedback requirements of iManage Work's law firm and legal users.
matteroom, workspace producer

iManage Bridge

Matteroom Workspace Producer changed name as iManage Bridge. It imports legacy data (Files + Meta Data) into iManage v10 System leveraging its latest RESTful API, creating Workspaces; importing Documents along with the meta data & user permissions intelligently.

Key Features



Adapting lawyer’s work habit, all data is around Matter. Document / Email Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Calendar Management, and even Chatting history can be presented with one key stroke.


Highly Efficient

A good system empowers the management of an enterprise to bring the maximum work efficiency among the organizaiton, Legal Industry especially requires more attendtion to be compliant on daily basis.


Strict Control

At each stage of a process, only the authorized one is allowed to perform corresponding operations, by strict privilege management embedded, ensuring compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.


Strong Compliant

Integrate global best compliance practices and concepts into the system, which helps the upper management to be able to oversight all structured and unstructured information by leveraging the embedded Policy Engine.

Integrations with

Office 365
G Suite
Fangda partners

“Matter Management and Conflict Search of Matteroom are both based on a powerful enterprise searching engine. Its simplified and easy-to-use Responsive UI as well as STG’s professional advice and deep understanding of the user behavior in the legal industry also convinced our leadership to adopt Matteroom.”

– Fangda Partners IT team and partners (2017.6)

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